Telstra f st 5355 firmware update

telstra f st 5355 firmware update

telstra f st 5355 firmware update

I have the F@st 5355 Modem and wondering if there's a more recent update than my current firmware version. This is my current firmware version is - 8a.58.101.15. If there's an update can you provide me the download link as I have looked for a while on the net, yet cannot find it.

 · Re: Modem F@ST 5355 Firmware Update In response to cf4 Just noticed my Fast5355 was upgraded last night to SG7E10001276 with GUI version 1.57.52 and basic mode showing

Re: firmware F@st 5355 -A In response to billygoat59 A couple of people have had the same result - see the post above for example and search for similar one a few days ago.

 · Re: How to update firmware on FAST5355-A modem In response to cf4 Cheers for that, my connection is ADSL2+ (standard speed) and it's not dropping the ADSL connection, it's throttling traffic on the Ethernet connection and frequently the Ethernet freezes, I have spoken to a local tech who tells me that the "Killer Ethernet" which is the factory fit in my MSI Nightblade Z97 is a problematic and ...

If gateway has latest firmware try forcing devices in the end room to use the 2.4GHz band. If already using 2.4 GHz band try changing the 2.4 GHz WiFi channel. There is built in WiFi analyzer in the F@st 5355 that can be used to select the channel that suffers least interference from neighboring channels. Advanced > 2.4GHz WiFi > Wireless ...

I have my old DGN2200v3 which was used with ADSL2, now I am on NBN in Australia with a Telstra gateway (F@st 5355). I want to extend wireless range for family use using the DGN2200. I cannot seem to set it up as a bridge (no option in menus maybe different firmware but using latest available) and following manual for repeater it just won't connect to main base station.

 · It is really annoying that a firmware update occurs in the middle of me streaming live media content doing a reboot and interrupting me. 18.02.2018 05:46:48 Info SYS The Modem is installing a firmware update 18.02.2018 05:47:39 Info SYS The Modem successfully installed a firmware update . No option to set when firmware updates are applied. Again poor design if you checked activity before ...

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