Your firmware version is newer hyperx

your firmware version is newer hyperx

your firmware version is newer hyperx

Firmware Update Rev. 0010. Part Numbers: KHX-HSCP-xx. Description: We have improved the firmware for the HyperX Cloud II USB sound card to enable PS4 compatibility. For information related to the Firmware improvements, please see the "Release Notes” located below. This Firmware update is designed for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 SP1. Release Notes:

The firmware version available for download is a special firmware version only to make the USB dongle work with PS4. The production firmware versions are separate for this and do not allow for PS4 compatibility. FAQ: KHX-030118-HDST-18

 · None of these peripherals are supported by NGenuity 2, I'd recommend going to the official website to confirm that your device is compatible with the new version of the software before anything else. They should include a link with the old software somewhere in the NGenuity page though, it's kinda bad to not be able to download the software for the product you bought.

Because before I updated the firmware it was showing MCU 2.55 and now it is 1.2, if we (users) made a rollback I would like to get the last firmware version. Please guide us u/HyperxGaming level 2

 · The new Cloud Alpha S firmware update is here 🙌! Firmware update Update (Feb 27, 2020): Today we've rolled out an update for NGENUITY Beta app which will, aside from the implementation of other updates and fixes, prompt you to update your Cloud Alpha S USB sound card upon detecting it on your system.

Step 1: Applying the new firmware 1. Launch the update utility by double clicking the HyperX_Cloud_II_Firmware_Updater_Rev_0010.exe file. 2. The interface will show the current firmware version and the new firmware version. 3. To apply the new firmware version click on the update button. Note: You may receive a message that the current firmware version is newer or the same as …

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